2014 Submissions

Hotdog Millionaire Hip Hop - Modern Song
Anchor Ska Song
Scatterbrain Blues Song
All the same ft Olivia Ba Indie Song
SOTWF - Evacuate Punk Song
SOTWF - Jack Daniels Punk Song
SOTWF - Freestyle Hip Hop - Modern Song
SOTWF - Junk (Demo) Punk Song
Bass and Drum Rape Grunge Song
Fallen Mind Grunge Song
Fallen m ind General Rock Song
Smoke them all away Indie Song
Slothrock Grunge Song
The kids are going to die Miscellaneous Song
Instrumental chill jam General Rock Song
Who are you, how do you do Ska Song
One little kiss from Lucy Ska Song
Listen to me Blues Song
Who needs all those drugs? Indie Song
Running Through The Forest... General Rock Song
Lose controll Indie Song
Slip Away Into The Night Indie Song
Better than I said Indie Song
The pop punk song Punk Song
One of those days (rough) Indie Song
The drugs don`t work Punk Song
This dream I had Indie Song
This dream I had had (Demo) Indie Song
Know it all Indie Song
A Man Named A Mystery Country Song
Not the same Indie Song
Insomnia. Indie Song
Hazy speed funk, Funk Song
All I can be Indie Song
The devil in your eyes Indie Song
I think I'm losing my mind Indie Song
No Direction Indie Song
Cause I love that sound Blues Song
Live life again General Rock Song
We can call it a day Blues Song
Just Get By Blues Song
Why do I? Blues Song
Spread your lovin' Blues Song
Break something! Punk Song
Please stop bothering me. Ska Song
Midnight marijuana haze Ska Song
Stop bothering me Punk Song
Yayotomato Country Song
Salvationn Ska Song
Were smoking reefer! Blues Song
my brain. Blues Song
Whhy can't I? Blues Song
AHHHHHH Hip Hop - Modern Song
Let me inn Blues Song
Never say neverr. Ska Song
Be goood to us Blues Song
Nasty ass sloth Ska Song
My Eyes There Gone Ska Song
Now bend over sweetie Blues Song
I had this dream last night Ska Song
I had this warped dream Ska Song
You can't handle it General Rock Song
Why can't I ? Blues Song
Tree Tree sharpie Ska Song
The BB king on buttsecks Classic Rock Song
The hendrix of buttsecks Ska Song
Acousticly smoke weed. Blues Song
This is a song to blaze too. Funk Song
Nipple Extraction General Rock Song
Sleepless knights-biscut funk Hip Hop - Modern Song
Sleepless knights-Thinking Hip Hop - Modern Song
b-e-a-utiful General Rock Song
Do you feel lucky punk? General Rock Song
live it out for the day General Rock Song
Walk away, Punk Song
The triangle song Punk Song
Skateboard Punk Song
Verbal direah Punk Song
Fist to face General Rock Song
Fat single mother Heavy Metal Song
Memories of yesterday jaylemoi Grunge Song